Being familiar with Electric powered Injection Molding Machine Operation

This video is an excerpt from Lesson #two of Paulson Instruction Program’s “Being familiar with Electric powered Injection Molding Devices” series. This lesson is titled “Lesson two — The Results of Each individual Electric powered Machine Control”.

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Electric powered injection molding equipment now account for the the vast majority of new molding device sales. Why? There are a couple critical motives for their expanding recognition. Among the these are additional specific manage more than the molding cycle, reduced electrical energy usage and in quite a few cases, faster cycles moments. Having said that, these equipment demand an comprehending of the all-electric powered device technological innovation by your production flooring team to take total advatages of what all-electrics have to present.

This teaching course accomplishes that objective. Underneath is a transient define of the three lessons in this all-electric powered injection molding device teaching program:

Lesson 1 — Electric powered Machine Style, Cycle & Areas
The sections of the Electric powered molding device
How Electric powered molding equipment perform
Evaluating the operation of the Electric powered and the Hydraulic molding device
Operation of the ball screw push
The molding cycle
Devices and controls made use of on these equipment
Typical operating situations

Lesson two — The Results of Each individual Control
Protection all-around these equipment
Machine modes of operation: guide, semi-automated and automated
Rationalization and results of the injection controls: injection costs and pressures, vpt options, again tension, shot sizing, cushion, manage improve ramps, decompression and other individuals.

Lesson three — Optimizing Electric powered Machine Settings
Clamp options: manage of clamp distance and speed, clamp force, protection problems.
Ejector manage
Optimizing the device manage options
Method recordings
Methods for using the pros of the Electric powered device.

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