Beeswax – How to Make Beautiful Candles With Natural Beeswax!

Many centuries ago, beeswax candles were made exclusively for the church and the rich, simply because they were too expensive for common folk. Tallow or animal fat was the most reliable and affordable material used for candlemaking, but had the disadvantage of releasing a foul odour when lit.

Today there are better candlemaking materials and waxes available than ever before, with the most popular of these being paraffin wax and stearin. Paraffin wax is produced by crude oil refineries, but beeswax on the other hand is a 100% natural product produced by busy little bees, which is why it is still the most expensive candlemaking wax available today.

Beeswax can be obtained in solid or sheet form and both can be used for candlemaking. Solid beeswax is mostly used as an additive in paraffin wax to make modern day church candles. To make a church candle you will need to ad 25% beeswax to paraffin wax, but because beeswax is a very sticky wax it is extremely important to generously apply a release agent to the mould, otherwise it will be a bit of a nightmare to remove the candle once the wax is set.

Beeswax releases a decadent and sweet honey like aroma when lit, not to mention the beautiful glow of natural light, which makes this wax one of my favorites. You can find more free information on waxes and candlemaking by visiting my blog at Anyone can make beeswax candles if you use the sheets, which can be found at any honey and bee foundation in your area. These sheets usually cost about $2 and it’s actual intended use is in the making of new bee hives and not candlemaking!

Beeswax sheets are pliable at room temperature and smell just like honey. They are very easy to work with because of it’s flexibility and all that you will need to make candles with them is candlemaking wick, a ruler and a craft knife.

Firstly you will need to place a sheet of beeswax onto a flat surface, and thereafter place candlemaking wick onto the sheet, roughly 2mm from the edge and all along its length. At this point you need to slowly start rolling the edge of the beeswax sheet over the wick, and continue to do so until the entire sheet has been rolled up, much like a paper scroll. All you have to do now is trim the wick with a pair of scissors and you are done. It is quite shocking just how easy it is to make a beeswax candle and the end result simply looks fantastic!

To make another great looking beeswax candle you need to place a sheet of beeswax onto a flat surface and cut out triangles by using a ruler and a craft knife. Once this is done you need to repeat the process used in the making of the pillar candle and the result will be one you will enjoy.

Another great looking candle is to buy or make a plain white pillar candle and then wrap it with a sheet of beeswax. This gives it the appearance of being a solid beeswax candle and creates a beautiful glow when lit. Simply place a beeswax sheet onto a flat surface and measure the height of the pillar candle. Once you’ve done this, simply cut the sheet according to your measurement and then wrap it around the pillar candle. You might need to use some glue just to prevent it from coming loose.

Imagination is your only limit when working with wax, so let’s make a ball candle with beeswax sheets. Take a few beeswax sheets and any pieces that is left over, then warm them up with a hairdryer and start squeezing them all together until you have a ball shape. After you have done this, push a skewer stick or wicking needle through the centre of the ball, insert a wick through the hole, then gently push the bottom of the candle onto a flat surface so that it will be able to stand on its own. It is as easy as that to create your own original candles with beeswax.

Post time: 12-12-2016