Beeswax Candle Molds

While most candle mold materials can be used as a beeswax candle mold, some are more preferable than others.

To review, candle molds come in a variety of materials. The popular ones are metal, glass, polyurethane and plastic. Out of all of these, you don’t rally see a lot of glass molds advertised for use with beeswax. You also don’t see many suppliers advertising large metal molds for beeswax, but some do sell your typical taper molds. You will rarely find big pillar candle molds for beeswax.

What you do see are a lot of polyurethane molds that are made for beeswax candle molds. Polyurethane molds are popular because small molds can be made in quite a variety of shapes or figures.

You can choose from probably one of maybe 50 or more different candle molds which are advertised for use with beeswax. You may have even seen these molds and probably even have seen some of the final candles. These small candle molds can be found in the shape of bees, bears, dogs, cats, rabbits, bears, acorns, Mary and Joseph and many more.

Many people, when working with beeswax, would rather work with smaller molds because the beeswax is usually much more expensive than the other waxes. Therefore, people would rather have more small candles than fewer larger ones.

There are many good things about polyurethane molds. They are very flexible and durable and last for a long time. You can make hundreds and hundreds of candles from the same mold just by taking a little care in using them.

Polyurethane allows for figures or shapes that can have quite intricate details. These details hold up and are nicely seen in the final candle. Since the polyurethane is so flexible, getting the candles out of the molds is a lot simpler.

A different type of polyurethane mold can be purchased which makes a pillar type of candle. These candles are unique because they have the texture of a honeycomb. These molds come in two parts and are held together with a rubber band.

Another easy type of beeswax candle to make is a Tea Light candle. These are the small candles that are used to heat herbs or oils. These candles are really simple to make and usually are hard to find and purchase –, which makes a good reason to make your own (and maybe even sell them).

These Tea Light candle molds come in plastic and metal. Plastic is used in situations where the candle is out in the open and does not get too hot. Metal holders are used in the other situations where the candle is enclosed and could heat up.

One last beeswax candle mold is to use nothing. You can make beeswax candles without even melting the wax. To do this you need to buy beeswax in sheets. You just lay the wick on the wax and tightly roll the sheet up into a candle.

Beeswax candles are wonderful. They are a beautiful color and emit a fragrant sweet fragrance. The only thing that can make them better is to be in a cute shape, and that can be easily solved by using the correct beeswax candle mold.

Post time: 02-05-2017