Beauty packaging container plastic injection with sizzling runner mildew, Taiwan , Republic of China

We are a skillfull factory that is primarily working with Very hot RUNNER INJECTION MOLDS. All sizzling runner injection molds are of excellent high quality and manufactured of one hundred% STAINLESS Steel uncooked substance. Very hot runner units has the drawback that building a appropriate mildew will be far more high priced. But sizzling runners process benefit is that the surface of the gate level is the very best ! Very hot runner units also creates a price saving by decreasing plastic and decreasing cycle time ! Very hot runner process permits us also to quick and simple change the shade of the injected plastic. We completely have an understanding of the relation/mixture in between substance characteristics, machines and mildew.

Our strengths:
Mould building by ourselves
Expert mould makers working with autoCAD, grinding machines, CNC machines
All moulds are curently sizzling-runner molds. We only use pure uncooked substance, not recycled. We are extremely professional in manufacturing TPEE mascare brush (extremely good and thin) We are extremely professional in thick wall bottles. We begun manufacturing thin wall bottles with PP by Injection Blow Moulding .Most products are manufactured of PETG substance but we also professional in working with other uncooked substance like:PS, PP, AS, PMMA, PETG, PCTG, PCTA, Abdominal muscles and wipers with PE and/or TPEE. We have 23 Taiwan manufactured injection machines which can be utilised for cold runner and sizzling runner molds: Creator 160 (6pcs) Creator two hundred (5pcs) Creator 250 (10pcs) Creator three hundred (2pcs) We have two Taiwan manufactured BI-injection machines which can be utilised for cold runner and sizzling runner: Creator 360 (2pcs)
We have 25 committed professional staff. Manufacturing facility is 1600 sq. meter dimension.

Post time: 08-02-2016