Automobile Light Mould

1. Variety
Tang Dynasty Mould Co., Ltd is able of manufacturing several kinds of plastic auto part moulds, including auto part mould, bumper mould, lamp mould, fender mould, manage mould, bow-gap mould, interior trim mould, auto dashboard mould and etcetera.

2. No. of Cavity
The No. of cavity can be one or two or 4, which is made according to product’s dimensions and customers’ necessity.

three. Steel
We present various kinds of mould steels for customers’ choice, these as P20, 718, S136, NAK80, H13, S45C and etcetera.

Great steels are the foundation of very long existence of moulds and substantial high-quality of products and solutions. All the steels we present are built by renowned Steel Companies at china and abroad.

Overseas Suppliers: Switzerland ASSAB, German SAARS TAHL, Japan DAIDOU, Austria BOHLER, The us FKL and etcetera.
House Suppliers: Bao Steel, Fushun Steel, Good Wall Steel and etcetera.

According to various parts of the auto, we select various materials, these as lamp mould, we use 718 for superior polishing general performance we will present our buyers skilled impression as a reference

four. Warmth Remedy and HRC
We fee skilled enterprise for heating processing. Various technologies are used in various parts and steels to guarantee far better polish and very long use.

The Hardness of core and cavity of Automobile part Mould can reach HRC 32-36 right after pretreatment we put the hardness processing to HRC42 or so for substantial need in polishing all the insets and sliders are right after quenching course of action

five. Very hot Runner Program
Very hot runner system are greatly utilized in plastic moulds, which contributes to increased performance and high-quality of products and solutions, meanwhile , which decreases content intake and labor force .

According to customer’ necessity, Automobile part Mould can be used warm runner system , like HUSKY.Master.YUDO.SYNVENTIVE and etcetera.

We recommend reliable warm runner system (built in China) to you on realistic cost of auto part mould with warm runner.

six. Processing
The all parts are processing by CNC lathes and the assembly do the job of auto part mould is concluded by the makers with rich working experience more than ten a long time. In addition, mould surface area are polished by skilled functions to make the mould develop very best products and solutions with best surface area

7. Mould Photographs
Automobile part mould pictures can reach 01.~.5million with superior steel, realistic heat treatment and specific processing.

Post time: 02-14-2017