ASB Mold Making Expansion 2013 – English + English Subtitle

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Nissei ASB Machine Co., Ltd. of Nagano, Japan is the world’s largest supplier of 1-step injection stretch blow molding machines. A major part of our business is supplying molds to our customers for the manufacture of PET bottles and jars, along with a variety of other plastics that can be molded by injection stretch blow molding.

In 2013 we inaugurated a major expansion to our global mold making operation at Ambarnath in India. The new three storey factory has over 120 globally sourced high precision machine tools with more than 50 being CNC. This has doubled the floor space of our factory unit in India and doubled our mold making capacity.

This video showcases the facilities and the people involved in designing and manufacturing molds for our customers.

We have sales offices in 18 countries and an additional 42 agents and sales representatives around the globe. Alternatively, see our website at or contact us via for catalogs, quotations or to arrange a meeting with one of our sales staff.

Post time: 03-01-2017