Antique Porcelain Dolls – Is Your Doll a Fake?

Amassing antique porcelain dolls can be a very gratifying pastime. Talented artisans have been making stunning dolls for a long time. The number of alternatives from international locations all around the planet are tremendous! While now you can acquire excellent good quality reproductions, fashionable know-how has also found an improve in fakes. How do you location these fakes remaining sold as originals? There are lots of notify-tale indicators that will audio alarm bells. In this article are the fundamentals:

Doll Marks
This is a matter for its personal report even so, let us acquire a brief glance.

If you are getting in the United states, all dolls manufactured and imported just after 1891 needed to be marked with the nation of origin. While the kind of mark can be found on the back again of the head, upper body, shoulder or the soles of the ft they can also be encoded inside of the product or just an attached label. The existence of a mark instantly dates the doll as write-up 1891. The mark will commonly contain a mould number, dimension number, patent number and of class the manufacturers first or stamp. No marks May well mean pre 1891. If the doll has no marks be positive to check the pursuing:

Choose a glance at the eyes intently and glance for these indicators:

  • Search for glass not plastic.
  • If the doll is meant to have ‘sleep eyes’ make positive they do the job and not just glued in spot.
  • The eye socket or slice should be symmetrical.
  • The porcelain at the socket edge should be slim.
  • Does the eye socket have the right colors for that doll? Commonly antique dolls only have eye shadow.


  • The eyelashes should not be symmetrical.
  • A single eyelash should have additional strokes than the other.
  • They should be fine, slim strokes not thick.


  • The eyebrows should be finely painted. Very similar to the eye lashes.
  • They should not be symmetrical.
  • Check out the site on the experience. The doll should not have a amazed glance on its experience.

Reputable porcelain will have been all over a while and most most likely manufactured from a bisque that seems to be sensible. Count on to see some fine crazing. Of class any cracks or evidence of maintenance will influence benefit.


  • Is the dolls costume or dress appropriate for the era of the doll?
  • What product is utilised? There should not be polyester or any other reasonably fashionable product.


  • Mohair or human hair not polyester.

Most antique porcelain dolls are in fact are mixture of areas from different manufacturers. It was typical follow for manufacturers to specialize in heads and supply to the bigger current market. Be positive to check for marks. Refer previously mentioned.

It is challenging to rapidly evaluate regardless of whether an antique doll is genuine or a phony. While the previously mentioned checklist is a limited insight, familiarize you with the distinct doll/s you are fascinated in by traveling to museums and other collections to examine up near what the genuine detail should glance like. This will give you a excellent benchmark.

Post time: 12-08-2016