Anatomy of a Boat Builder: 5 Working day European Tour

A new 5 day tour of some of Europe’s important boat developing factories by The Catamaran Group yacht brokers highlighted essential style and design improvements and new directions in know-how from top European builders this sort of as Lagoon, Yapluka and Alliaura Maritime.

The vacation allowed yacht brokers and staff to see very first hand how catamarans this sort of as the Lagoon five hundred, Lagoon 420 and Yapluka 70 are set jointly working with a mix of the most recent know-how and effectively qualified labor experts.


Nick Harvey, President of Lagoon The us, furnished an in-depth and insightful tour of the Lagoon facilities that have all absent through incremental and sometimes revolutionary modifications in the 4 important regions of boat developing: molding, trimming, assembly and expedition/ending.

In excess of the final twenty many years Lagoon has been constantly tweaking and revising the course of action to include the use of robotics, template layouts and fast prototyping hence speeding up the generation course of action. A really skilled and cell workforce guarantees high-conclude ending with up to 3 separate quality handle checks prior to the boat leaves the factory.

1 of Lagoon’s top figures in directing style and design and implementation has been Bruno Belmont, a graduate of the Southampton University of Naval Architecture who assisted introduce new composite strategies that have saved up to fifty% in expenses when used to new models this sort of as the Lagoon five hundred and 420.
The construction of the Bordeaux III factory underscores the development in generation and engineering prerequisites that are using place within Lagoon at the moment.

Located in between Bordeaux I (Aluminum) and Bordeaux II composite workshop, Bordeaux III will cumulatively occupy additional than 15,000 sq. meters of place. It contains an assembly place 120 meters prolonged 25 meters large.

The factory will also dwelling a 2,five hundred sq. meter pre-assembly system, workplaces overlooking the river, stores, varied workshops and a business restaurant for the overall Bordeaux web site.
Outdoors facilities will notably include a 6,000 sq. meter area outfitted for the pre-start preparation of boats, an inclined airplane start facility and landscaped regions highlighting the facility’s integration into its riverside setting.

Bordeaux III will concentration strongly on the Lagoon manufacturer and the Lagoon five hundred in certain. Advanced construction strategies are currently currently being used to the Lagoon five hundred and Lagoon 420 which are outlined further down below less than the molding part.
Inside the Construction Approach

What follows is a quick description of the Lagoon boat developing course of action that have assisted build the French yard as one particular of the dominant catamaran builders in the earth these days.


The construction course of action receives underway in the molding office wherever a feminine mould is sprayed with gel coat resin.
This is followed by a hand lay up of fiberglass, additional fabric and additional resin.

All fiberglass made use of in the mould space is pre reduce, labeled, and shipped to mould space staff for developing of hulls, decks, and grids. The shipping and delivery of fiberglass kits all set for use assures specific fitting and suitable quantities.
With each individual layer of fiberglass a coat of resin is used, and the course of action of hand rolling the fiberglass layers commences. Just about every layer of glass is cautiously rolled by use of little grooved rollers, which will take out trapped air and excess resin. Once this course of action is concluded, then the up coming layer of fiberglass can be used.

Overhead receivers are made use of for securing the bulkheads as effectively as spots for hatches and access regions for deck mounted hardware. The overhead liner also presents spots for conduits for operating of electrical wiring as effectively as for instrumentation wiring.

Vacuum Bag-Infusion with Vinylester Resin

This know-how is considerably less than 10 many years outdated and is revolutionizing the construction of modern-day catamarans this sort of as the Lagoon five hundred, Lagoon 420 and not long ago the Lagoon 570.
Just after comparative laboratory trials, this method furnished excellent engineering results. These results are equal to or top-quality to pre-preg in as much as material compaction is obtained with no the slightest likelihood of air currently being captured in the composite.

The material is positioned with the exact precision made use of in pre-preg. This know-how also will allow Lagoon to construct simultaneously the outer pores and skin, main and internal pores and skin, as effectively as the composition (in situation of feminine mould construction). Using glue in between each individual layer is pointless.
For each individual hull manufactured, a sample can be saved for engineering or chemical testing. The Tg received is at minimum 80C (110C in vinylester).


Some cleansing and changes are manufactured in this facility. The windows, ports, hatches, lockers and other openings are cutout and cleaned. Any voids, low places or imperfections are ground out and fixed at a central inspection station. From listed here the bridgedeck is moved to the assembly line wherever the modular interiors are attached.

Prepping booths dwelling hulls prior to shipping and delivery to the assembly line and enable streamline the course of action and retain high organizational ranges in the course of action.


All the pieces of the puzzle start off to fit jointly in the assembly bay. These include the installation of pre-reduce wooden interiors manufactured in the wooden store.

The “relocating” assembly strains are characteristic of all Lagoon factories. This strategy of bringing the pieces to the stations wherever employees and their equipment are located is extremely successful in reducing the squandered person-several hours that occurs when the relocating assembly line is not used.

Raised assembly strains and mezzanines are other style and design capabilities that are not viewed in several important sailboat manufacturing facilities. This style and design aspect affords a safer system for Lagoon employees and less difficult access in and out of the yachts. These rolling assembly strains allow for yachts to go from station to station. The equipment and craftsmen continue to be in place.

Bulkhead Installation

The bulkheads are set up and bonded to hull (and afterwards to the deck) for stiffness, and all wiring is positioned in the pre-developed raceways port and starboard. The engines, tanks, hoses, through-hulls, cabinets, windows, ports, and hatches are all set up on this line.

Just after the overall inside is assembled, the deck is then set onto the hull working with the exact poly-sulfide adhesive and sealant along with bolts for a robust, water resistant bond. The bulkheads are bonded on all 360 levels to the hull and deck surfaces.

The deck hardware which include the winches, hatches, sheet stoppers, blocks, cleats and toe-rail are attached. Just about every piece of deck hardware is set up by groups of two, with one particular on deck and the other down below bedding and tightening each individual nut and bolt.

A Touch of Wood

The inside home furnishings kits are generated by the Beneteau wooden store and shipped to the numerous generation vegetation in France and the Marion, South Carolina web site. The wooden is absolutely finished with varnish and all set for assembly. Beneteau’s home furnishings factory operates 3 shifts creating more than 6,000 finished pieces of home furnishings for every day and a concluded wooden package each and every 15 minutes.

This speed is obtained by the use of several substantial computer system managed cutting and ending equipment. Inside home furnishings is pre-equipped in a duplicate mould of the hull grid mould, prior to ultimate installation in the yacht. This added move will allow a specific fit of all inside home furnishings and guarantees performance of assembly outside the hull.

Ultrasound equipment are made use of to get rid of the resin on laminated wooden that are fused jointly in 3 layers.
Increased speeds ended up launched with the inclusion of 4 CNC routing equipment that operate off coded templates and promptly punch out grooved inside wooden ending for the most recent Lagoon models on the generation line which include the 420, five hundred and Lagoon Energy forty four.

Furnishings is safeguarded with clear plastic sheeting and foam held in place by tape.

The woodshop identifies procedures for both of those typical and irregular wooden finishings and furthermore has a separate developing for fusing non-obvious wooden pieces that are made use of on a usual Lagoon catamaran.


The concluded hull is then lifted into one particular of the substantial in-dwelling exam tanks. The motor and electronics are analyzed as effectively as all the through-hulls for any leaks. The finished boats then go to a ultimate inspection stage wherever a staff goes more than the overall hull, deck, inside and exterior examining each individual process for integrity and quality. Any boat that exhibits anything that is down below the standard receives fixed prior to it goes out to the delivery area.

Yachts are also equipped with floorboards, cushions, and unfastened gear is stowed in sail lockers. Ultimate quality checks are preformed and the yacht is launched to delivery office.


Lagoon has continually great tuned the boat developing course of action more than the final twenty many years and launched some ground breaking strategies into particular phases this sort of as Vacuum Bag Infusion


Wherever probable know-how is made use of to help, streamline and increase the course of action but there is a high degree of human conversation to enforce quality handle and increase generation line speeds.

The combined advancements in molding, trimming, assembly and expedition are currently being made use of creatively to deliver the most recent line of top rated models which include the Lagoon 420, Lagoon five hundred and Lagoon Energy forty four.

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