All You Need to Know About Alloy Wheels

Alloy wheels are in. You will find a wide range of alloy wheels available these days. These are available to owners who want rarer, lighter and prettier wheels on their cars, so as to increase suspension and handling and to increase the performance.

Some of the most popular alloy wheel brands include, Eurotech Wheels, Cattivo, Ballistic, Akuza, Incubus, Viscera and many more. Majority of the aftermarket wheels that are available are cast; only some of them are forged such as Vellano and Weld. Due to increasing demand from various street racing enthusiasts and rising demand for large diameter wheels many companies are manufacturing these wheels.

Having alloy wheels in your motorcycle will surely add a lot of style and glamour to your bike. Not only it will spice up your drive, it will add something unique to your bike or car which will surely enhance its appeal. Since you will come across lots of types and options to choose from, you should try to know about the various options available in this regard.

Alloy wheels are mainly made up of aluminum. The main reason behind using this material is that it adds to their strength and lightness. Some other elements that are used in construction of alloy wheels are magnesium, copper and silicon etc. These elements are added to the wheels in smaller combinations of strength and weight.

These wheels are either cast or forged. The former are made by pouring the molten alloy metal into a mould, whereas the latter are pressed from single alloy block that too, under high pressure. The process that is used in case of forged wheels is very inexpensive, but the wheels derived from this process are of superior strength and quality.

Alloy wheels consist of a crystalline structure which imparts more strength to the alloy. However in case the metal becomes distorted, it cannot be easily knocked back into its original shape. If you force the metal do bend, then it might cause fracture and cause physical damage.

The alloys that are used in case of wheels are no doubt strong but yet they are soft. This is the reason why they are damaged easily when they come in contact with gravel, kerns or stones. The wheels that are coming today have got a coating of clear paint or lacquer in order to protect the metal. Aluminum never catches rust. Pure aluminum will get oxidized in the normal atmosphere but the layer is so thin that it seems as transparent.

Repairing alloy wheels is also not a big task, but only if you have got the right equipments and tools. You should approach a mobile repair workshop if you want to restore the damaged wheel to the original position. Sandblasting and fillers are some other methods used in case of repairing large gaps or cracks. These techniques produce excellent results. The only disadvantage is that if you only repair one of them then it tends to show up on the others on your car.

Post time: 05-13-2017