Air+Lead= Fun: Airgun Shooting Video

This was an entry for the pyramydair video contest. Detail about the cheating that took place is below.

Well this is closed and I lost miserably due to foul play. There was a video uploaded very late, and within the first week it had 159 ratings while other videos had 5 to 20. Every day there would be more ratings for the winning video, and everyone else would have a few more ratings and the accumulative rating would get lower. I have no doubt that the winner used foul play to win this. I hope the people who didn’t get as many troll 1 stars as me and others are enjoying their 2nd and 3rd prize. Hopefully the next contest will be better devised so that the lowlife that wants to cheat cant make ghost accounts and knock everyone elses’ ratings down and rate their own 5 stars a few hundred times. And I forgot to mention the total knock off of my ending shot ಠ_ಠ

Post time: 01-27-2017