ABS Injection Molding – Trust Gemini Plastics, Experts in ABS Plastics

ABS Injection Molding – http://www.gemini-plastics.com – Gemini Plastics has the expertise in ABS thermoplastic you’re searching for and has delivered ABS injection molded products for dozens of industries.

Many components and parts are produced from ABS, including:
• Automotive — wheel covers, auto body parts
• Consumer — golf club heads, toys, musical instruments (such as clarinets), furniture
• Industrial — plastic pressure pipe systems, pipe, pipe fittings, waste pipes, material handling equipment
• Electronics — electronic enclosures, computer enclosures, television housings, control panels, radio enclosures
• Safety — safety helmets, protective head gear
• Telecommunications — telephone cases

There are numerous advantages to ABS injection molding:
• Good electrical properties
• Excellent chemical resistance, especially to many acids, glycerine, alkalis, many hydrocarbons and alcohols, inorganic salts
• Impact resistant
• Combines strength, rigidity and toughness in one material
• Lightweight
• Excellent load stability

The ABS thermoplastic products and components mentioned above are just some of the items that can be developed and manufactured by Gemini Plastics. Taking your design concept, our engineering team will turn your idea into a prototype quickly and efficiently. With an extensive array of in-house molding presses and systems, combined with our own quality system, Gemini Plastics will exceed your expectations. ABS is just one of the injection molded plastic materials used at Gemini Plastics. We offer clients an array of materials for almost any application.

Post time: 02-19-2017