A Look at the Molded Gasket

Just about everyone is familiar with gaskets. Even if they don’t exactly know what they do, everyone at some point has ran across at least one in their life. However; the most common type of gasket that is encountered is the flat cut gasket that is placed between two connecting components.

High Temperature and Heat Resistant Molded Rubber Gaskets

There are however, several types of gaskets and also many methods for manufacturing them. For instance, there are high temperature gaskets that are manufactured to specifically function in high temperature environments. For less intense temperatures there are what are called “heat resistant” rubber gaskets.

Many Types Of Manufacturing Techniques

Molded gaskets are manufactured by using one of the many rubber molding methods that are available. For instance, if the molded gasket is to be made from a soft pliable rubber it may be made using an injection process.

The Transfer Molding Process

More rigid molded gaskets are often produced using a molding process known as transfer molding. So what is transfer molding and why is it even called transfer molding?

It’s Pressed With a Piston

The reasons for this are quite simple and that is that transfer rubber molding is done using a process where by rubber is transferred from a holding area into a mold under high pressure provided by a piston.

More Simpler Techniques Fir Manufacturing Molded Rubber Gaskets

Other simpler and far less technical methods are also used to produce molded gaskets though. In fact some rubber molding techniques are so simple that you can use them to reproduce a molded gasket right in your own home, using products that you can find at your local hardware store.

Post time: 12-03-2016