A Guide to Making Your Own Stepping Stone Molds

A ‘mold’ is a hollow or matrix which is generally used for shaping a fluid or plastic substance. It is a frame or model which is used to give a shape.

Have you decided yet what would be the shape and size of your stepping stone? If not don’t rush to your local market to buy the mold. You might get your mold in the form of a plastic saucer, an ice cream bucket or an ordinary pizza box which is of no use. Mold, in order to give a perfect shape of your, plays an important role and gives an appearance which you have imagined.

The shape and size of stepping stone is a pre-defined decision, so you will be benefited and can save your time. A stepping stone mold can be of different types and can take any shape given by you. Let us discuss the different types of molds for better understanding.

Types of Molds

Before preparing the stepping stone it’s very important for you to determine the shape and size of your mold. A mold of your choice decides the shape and appearance of the stepping stone you are making. A stepping stone is of multiple types, and in order to give the perfect look to your stone you have to decide your favorite one.

a) Plastic plant saucer: Plastic plant saucer is a rounded mold which is often used by us to give a round shape to the stone. This mold is a made of plastic.

b) Clear bigger mold: This kind of mold is used for bigger stepping stones. It can be of any shape like that of an octagon, square, heptagon and pentagon. This mold is also made of plastic. Besides this they are almost identical to the plastic planter saucers in all other aspects. They are available at a low cost of $3 or $4 and can even be reused.

c) Attractive stepping stone molds: They are quiet expensive and are of different sizes, shapes, colors and are beautifully designed. In order to get the best designed and fancy mold you may visit any website which sells these molds or a local home improvement store.

d) Old pans and utensils: Old cake pan is your daily utensil which you use to prepare your cake. People often try this option to save their money and can decorate their own stepping stones using this mold. In order to get the perfect design, please use petroleum jelly or cooking spray.

Other options that can be used as moulds are small ice cream boxes, pizza boxes, aluminum pans or plastic storage box can be used as a mold and can give them your shape. You may also make different molds using woods.

The Shape of your stone is determined by the mold which you have decided and designed before shaping the stone. Therefore it is very important that the mold you choose is of your liking and suits your style.

Post time: 02-12-2017